Have You Ever Thought of Doing Sales?

Sales Profession

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

As of May, 2013, 14 million people are employed in sales or sales -related role in the United States. And, there are 132.5 million employed individuals.

This means that 9.5% of workers in the US are working in sales or a sales -related role! So, nearly 1 in every 10 working Americans are in sales!

The US economy continues to grow as a service-based economy. The great thing about sales jobs is that they often only require a high school diploma and/or a few years of past sales experience. The barrier to entry is low, and it can be extremely lucrative. The top sales people in the US make over six figure incomes!

Now, you might be thinking:  that sounds great, but I could never be a top performer those people are crazy and have natural talent. Those people are lucky.

That is simply not true.

No one is born a sales person. It is a choice you make. Go down to your local hospital and ask “I am looking for natural born salespeople”. You might get some stares!

Change your attitude to “YES I CAN!” And, from there, read, study, work, and learn to be a great salesperson.

Hard work makes luck!

Drew Patterson, MBA