Shock Absorber Management 101

shock management

Essentially, shock absorbers do two things:

  1. Control the movement of springs and suspension.
  2. Keep your tires in contact with the ground so they can safely get to a destination.

The following shock absorber management principles can be applied to managers, individuals, relationships, entrepreneurs, and more:

  1. Control – Does a shock flex or is it stiff? It flexes and so should you! The overall goal of the shock is help the vehicle get to a destination. As managers we support employees on the path to get to their destination (results). Do we drive and navigate the whole way or so do we act as support? Some of the best work happens when you have a bright team know they have your full support working towards a shared vision or goal! Control without controlling.
  1. Flexible – Being open to outcome and not attached to it. Racers and managers a like know that there is no perfect race. If one lap of the race doesn’t go the way you wanted does that end the whole race? NO! Take the laps with strides, learn from your mistakes and keep going! Be flexible one lap at a time.
  1. Loose – Don’t hold on too tight. A lot of people when they get on a bicycle or motorcycle for the first time they hold on SO TIGHT! When you hold on so tight and do not let the shocks and steering do their job, all that energy gets transferred into your body and it gives you aches and pains all over your body. RELAX, LOOSEN YOUR GRIP. Everything will work out if you will let it!
  1. Proactive – Change out your shock oil (rejuvenate yourself and your team), check in with your employees, think about upcoming events and goals. If you are prepared, you maximize your chances of winning!

Drew Patterson, MBA


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