The guaranteed successful cold call

Who has planned a wedding before? I have recently taken on the task of doing just that. Now, for the first time in a while, I am the customer and vendors are selling to me! BOY, does it feel great! I keep hearing the word “YES” all the time. 


The great thing about calling a vendor (wedding vendor or any other kind of business- salon, restaurant, store) is that they all want YOUR business and will (usually) respond to you positively, and with enthusiasm. So, here’s an ideas: why not call them first thing in the morning before you begin your work day and your cold calls? Although you are not closing a sale, the transaction will be nonetheless a success. 


And Success breeds success!

Yes on the phone



And, if you don’t have a business or vendor to call, simply starting your day by calling someone you know will give you a similar positive start. You can try calling someone in your company or doing a role-play with a co-worker. The first yes of the day will be one of many! 


Drew Patterson, MBA


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